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Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
listen, and what i said today is i'm to the going to do this now. the law permits you to make a decision later if you want to. >> i think you have a week. >> no, that is just the first step. but the law permits you to change back to a state exchange. i said if you will tell me by december 14th, if i don't have the information i can't make a smart decision. so if you can't give me the information-- so we are still complying with the law because the law gives three option, state, partnership, or federal. so i say dot federal one. if you ever give me all the information that makes me believe that it is worthwhile for our state to do it i will reconsider my decision. but you can't not answer my questionsnd expect me to make a decision. >> jon: although i think the state exchanges are certainly more flurbd out than the federal ones they have even got into. at least-- laid out the framework for the state exchanges. >> except she doesn't tell us how much it going to cost or how much control we are really going have. >> this call in the state exchange doesn't mean i get to make the decisions as
Comedy Central
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
.s. law, the americans with stabilities act. >> jon: you're welcome. ( laughter ). once again, america's example has become the standard for other nations to follow. we can be that shining city on the hill. as long as that hill has a ramp. ( laughter ) if-- i think it's very polite of the united states. if year going to create certain disabilities within your country, well... ( laughter ) might as well have some standard treatment for said injuries. so, unassailable and uniifying, this proposal could not be matched. former republican party leader and world war ii veteran bob dole came out of retirement to personally endorse this probably. even current senate rifles main and john kerry put aside their differences for it. >> senator mccain. >> thank you very much, mr. secretary. >> jon: huh? a little good-natured ribbing. i'm sure senator kerry had a good comeback. "what you just saw was senator mccain referring not to me with my current title the right honorable senator from the great state of... massachusetts, but senator mccain has referred to me way title prospectus, mr. secretary,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)